When you think of a website, you think of fruitful and organic material that you can count on. Unfortunately, some site and blog owners do not see things the same way. As a site/blog owner, your work should be treated as your “baby”. Nurture, love and understand it. Posting anything is just the beginning of a long list of things not to do if you’re seeking fantastic SEO page ranks.

Here are five examples of the worst things you can do that will hurt your SEO:

  1. Poor Content– This is one of your most important tasks on any site or blog. It is important to post consistently to your site. Posting content is relatively easy and makes all the difference in the world to your visitors. Keep in mind, when you are posting, it needs to be organic and meaningful. Overlapping and redundant content will not help you either. Put some time and thought into each post and make it useful to your readers. Empty posts, sporadic behavior in regards to posting, content full of links, will ultimately devalue your site.
  2. Links– If you want to devalue your page, simple jumble in links throughout every sentence of your content. While, some affiliate links are fine; creating content full of links is a huge turn off to the Google web crawlers. Be subtle, use common sense when posting links. Think about it… You don’t want to have a conversation with a friend, who loves a certain product or service to scream out “BISSELL” every third word, do you? NO! Don’t do it to your content either.
  3. Keyword Stuffing– It is no secret that anyone who follows and practices SEO knows to use keywords. They KEY to these keywords is to sprinkle them naturally throughout your published content. Don’t over do it! Not only will your readers find it awkward to read but Google doesn’t like it either.
  4. Flash Built Sites– Sure, we all love a beautifully animated flash page but don’t let it be your entire site. It’s just too much. Are you a computer or a human? That’s what everyone who visits will want to know, including Google. If you are going to create a site, take the time to work on it. There are so many tools out there to help you build a nice looking site, no matter the niche.
  5. Ads– Same as the links and everything else. Keep it simple. If your ad ratio is high, you look like a spammer and like you are up to no good with your site. Ads can be overwhelming and take away from everything else on your new site. Again, use common sense to judge when too much, is just that, too much!

There is a method to all the madness, when it comes to Google. Take the time to learn and understand it. You may have a great opinion, service and/or product but, if you do not display it correctly, no one will ever know it exists. Take the time to work on your site and show it off. Using the five aforementioned SEO techniques in the wrong manner may even result in your site being banned by the search engine. Stop, look and create.


October 20, 2014

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