A simple blog is one of the most modern ways to help build a company. Thanks to blogs, business owners have a free, fast, and reliable outlet to reach a vast amount of prospects and customers. Blogging also is a way to establish expertise, rank higher in search engines, and to build a relationship with clients.

A 2010 study from eMarketer estimates that 43% of US companies will be blogging by 2012. One in three companies have a public-facing blog used for marketing which enables site traffic, brand awareness, as well as improving statistics.

A business starting a blog or wanting to refresh their own will just need to follow a few factors to having a profitable blog.

A blog allows for interaction

You’ll do a lot more for your business if you enable and encourage prospects and clients to respond to your posts. Make sure to monitor comments and also answer questions by emailing customers. Also, linking back to or commenting at their blogs, and mentioning them by name in later posts can increase the chances of them re-posting and leaving your link on other blogs. If you comment on other blogs as well, you can build relationships and gain traffic.

Use Search Engine Friendly Tactics

Make info easily findable. By choosing keyword-rich category names and post titles you can greatly increase your search engine visibility and drive more qualified leads to your site. Use a keyword research tool, like Google’s Keyword Tool, to build out a keyword glossary of topics that are in demand. Keep highly searched topics in mind when creating your next post. Bold the keyword what has some search volume and make sure it’s used in the text at least 4 times. It should also be in the article title and an H1 tag in your html page. If you’re not familiar with H1 tags reference Google for more information about how it can help your search engine rankings.

Have your blog easily visible by having a link on the main page of your company’s website. Also have the URL of the blog on your email signature, business cards, etc. Also, use a full RSS feed and make it easy for your readers to find and subscribe to.

Think of blogging as a community builder.

Posts are not for self-promotion.  Establish your expertise and build relationships with readers by writing about topics other than what your company is trying to sell. Get personal by sharing thoughts on the company and highlight processes and the work life. Provide stories and things you have learned by working in the business. Follow the general 80/20 rule. 80% of your articles should help your visitors with no self-serving purpose and 20% can promote your product or service and build links to your web site.

Stay Motivated

Get other people at your company involved. This will allow for fresh ideas, voices, and insights, this will also help keep the main blogger motivated and continue posting. Even consider sourcing content from your customers and what you see in other forms of media. You can also contact web masters from other similar blogs. You can guest post on their blog and vice versa. It will help you gain valuable blogosphere credibility as well as possibly build links to your site.

Blogs are an easy, reliable, and useful way to gain presence and stay current in a fast pace business market. Interact, build a community, stay motivated and you can have a blog that will help grow your business. Happy blogging!

September 10, 2011

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