When many people think of blogging for their business, they think of countless hours talking about the technicalities of their business. This is far from the case. When you’re blogging for your business, you do not need to spend more than 10 minutes a day. 10 minute blogging is just that simple.

Depending on the nature of your business, there is a wide variety of topics you can touch on. Touch on, being the keyword here. Think about it, having knowledge of your business is great however, how long can you truly keep someone’s attention? If you post long and very technical articles, chances are you will lose them before they reach the conclusion of your post. You will be defeating yourself in this situation. A few short posts including crucial data points, specials, fun facts, and helpful hints are all great areas to touch on. Also, each one of these areas should take you no longer than ten minutes a day to blog about.

When engaging in this sort of mini-blogging. Think of topics you would find interesting to read about pertaining to your business. Also, think about other websites you have visited and what you thought about their blog posts. Was the whole post worth reading? Use your experience as a business owner to better your own posts.

Additionally, depending the amount of content you are looking for on your website and the nature of your business; this ten minutes a day doesn’t necessarily have to be utilized every day. Admittedly not the mainn factor, but a ranking factor for gaining traffic to your site through search engines, is to be consistent. If you post every day, be sure that you keep that up faithfully. If you post three times a week, be sure to keep that up. Ten minutes blogging every day for your business will get you closer to the results you are seeking. This short window each day will allow your ideas to flow freely and contibute to a great meaning.

I can’t speak for everyonw but I know that my days tend to go better when I complete a task. Especially a quick one within 10 minutes of entering the office. If I can knock a task off my list before I finish my morning coffee. Thne I’m definitely off to a good start that day.

10 Minute Blogging

Your answer for providing your website of blog with organic and quality posts is to spend only ten minutes a day. This time prevents you from over thinking your posts and will keep them short, crisp and to the point. In the end, your ten minutes spent on your business blog a day will provide you will a great following.

This article is a prime example. You can see the time on the post. It’s 10:10 AM. You don’t have to do the math to realize I’m 10 minute blogging.

September 7, 2021

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