You can only have one Long Island-based cookie brand for the rest of your life. Which one are you choosing? Tate’s Bake Shop – Southhampton, NY or Entenmann’s – Bay Shore, NY.

Tate's Southhampton vs Entemann's cookies

Which cookie is better?

Which cookie is better?Entenmann’s was originally started in New York City and then moved their factory to Bay Shore, NY on Long Island. Its flagship cookie is unique in that its chewy and bite sized. They were able to grow from humble beginnings to a worldwide distribution.

Tate’s Bake Shop has always been located in Southhampton, NY. A young entrepreneur named Kathleen started the shop when she was only 21. Tate’s also has built a worldwide distribution for their cookies. While Entenmann’s cookies are chewy. Tate’s perfected a light and crispy recipe.

Both companies offer a variety of other goods and are very popular among young and old alike. So which is your favorite?

January 3, 2023

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