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Google sometimes puts $100 coupons live for potential new customers. You could potentially use 5 credit cards and open 5 accounts to test some Google Adwords keywords for free:


$150 Coupon Codes:



If you’re not familiar with Google Adwords it’s the paid spots at the top of Google’s results page. They have a slightly different color background and they are also listed on the right hand side. These keyword spots are bidded out to the highest bidder. This can be expensive to test new keywords to see their effectiveness. You can use this and 5 credit cards (if you have them) to get $500 in free keyword advertising to do some testing on keyword effectiveness. If you gain more income then $500 on these 5 tests then your keyword is worth pursuing in either Adwords marketing or in organic Search Engine Marketing.

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Update Again:

As per requests. Here are more Adwords Coupons:

Coupon 8: JGYB-EGWN-3SMH-V6YB-S82
Coupon 9: 76PH-EH9J-KT44-48LQ-8N4S
Coupon 10: 76PH-V3VZ-LV36-XF5E-HD62
Coupon 11: 7UFJF-TPF7L-NAEF
Coupon 12: A9QEF-XT7D9-D93V
Coupon 13: 7CWj6-HTTEC-T7EH
Coupon 14: 34FHG-37KXQ-J7DJ
Coupon 15: 6NTXM-V3D39-4KY6

$100 When You Spend $25:
Coupon 14: A33D6-HTR7D-HXP4
Coupon 15: 94RQV-VERQU-XHUH


Get $100 in free ad credit when you spend $50
When prompted, enter your code: 6VPVQ-EN4DC-3HNR


March 9, 2012

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