Comparing the Google +1 to Facebook’s “Like” button is like comparing Superman to John Doe. Instead of showing friends online that you are just interested in something or someone, Google+ has combined web searches and individual circles to formulate personalized search results.

The Google network exposes websites with +1’s as much as three times more than sites that do not. By adding the +1 icon to your personal site, the header of your business website, and/or products you sell will drive in more clicks. Naturally, this will create more business. How does this work? The more +1’s a website has, the more visible they are within search engines. The +1 icon is poised to become the “gold stamp of approval” for searchers everywhere.

Basically, a Google +1 is going to affect a site within Google search rankings. This is very important to know for people that want to be searchable on the web. An immediate implement of the +1 icon is something I can’t stress enough. You can find these icons and instructions on how to add them to your blog or website by clicking here.

A +1 is the new and improved testimonial. If viewers enjoyed your site or the service you provided, there is no doubt that they will share that with their friends. In this multitasking day and age, the majority of people can’t have more than a few tabs open at a time. No one really wants to hear why Aunt Betsy love’s an apple pie recipe, we just want to know if she liked it! Now Aunt Betsy will just click the +1 to share to the world how much she liked eating that pie.

If you are still not totally sure if you understand Google +1, it’s okay! Google states that +1 is a simple idea. Here is a simple example, Brian was doing a search and +1’d a hotel he stayed at earlier that year. Later, his friend Sara was searching for a hotel in the same location and noticed her friend Brian +1’d one of the hotels on her results page. (Photo example below)

Google +1

(Photo provided by Google Adwords)

Don’t you think Sara is going to look into this hotel knowing that someone she knows enjoyed their stay there? It’s a no brainer that +1 will become the most powerful virtual recommendation.
+1 is still quite new and slowly being revealed online every day. If we start using the +1 and let friends and family know about the usefulness, it will slowly but surely gain popularity. After all, wouldn’t we rather receive advice from someone we know? Google has developed a way to connect everyone around us to do just that.

This was written by our talented developer, Haley Radziewicz, an avid Tampa web design professional, and student of internet marketing.

January 31, 2012

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